Turn your retailer's shops 
into the inviolable
  stronghold of your sales

Campaign for the cloning of top of the class retail salespeople

Every company producing goods for retail has a double soul.

The first that invigorates sales to its direct clients, namely retailers.

The second one, that somewhat less lively, takes care of sales to end consumers.

But, while companies can field a formidable network of vendors that push sales to customers/resellers, little or nothing they do, or can actually do, to solicit end consumers.

Sure, ads and promotions can help. But at what cost?

In theory, a good salesperson, other than convincing his direct client to buy his products should also show them how they can do the same with end consumers.

Easy to say,
hard to do.

Unfortunately, this head-scratcher befalls mostly on small and medium-sized enterprises, which build up the backbone of every healthy economy.

Either due to big distribution chains imposing their diktats on them (according to them, they are making you a favour by keeping your products in stock….)

Either because they are in the hands of distributors that aren’t familiar with marketing. Or worse, due to competitors that are able to better promote their products.

Maybe you are a POS marketing expert who is already working in the right direction, you just haven’t found yet the key to unlock the selling potential of your products.

At least not as much as you’d want to.

But how can you defend hard-earned market quotas and fend off the wild competition on each sale?

“Ah, if only in each shop there was
a real badass person selling my products.
 You’d see how different things would run!

If this thought ever crossed your mind (maybe not phrased this way, but with the same meaning…), surely you immediately realised why it would be unthinkable.

Not only because a good salesperson gets paid a lot (…and the margins shrink even further…) it isn't easy to find one either.

What if instead of a real salesperson,⁣⁣
in every store there was... a clone? 

Right, a replicant, ready to sell from the start, that works for you 7 days a week, without breaks, without stopping, always in top form.

And what if on top of that this new salesperson cost you only a few cents a day?

I’m not kidding you around, maybe you don’t know yet that these salespeople really exist.

They're the "silent sellers by Polypro ®.

And just like in reality not all salespeople are the same, Polypro clones are not mere shop assistants.

What I mean by that is that they won't limit themselves to simply showcase your products to customers, but they carry in their DNA the genes of a real ace salesperson.

Here’s what a professional who already tested them has to say:

“At that moment we had the need to clearly highlight a specific product, for which we wanted to achieve a substantial sales increase.

In the past, the price has always been the most critical factor I had to grapple with while choosing a new display, it can be an obstacle. Even more so for those who have a widespread chain of brick and mortar shops.

On this occasion, the price-quality ratio was precisely what made this a great collaboration.

Another key success factor was the ease with which the displays can be assembled directly in shops.

We designed a display that mirrored the focus product’s packaging and during the campaign period, we recorded a 70% increase in sales over the previous year.

The distinctive shape of Polypro displays generated curiosity in our customers and brought them to directly inquire about the product with our staff.

The immediate result was an increase in sales and the subsequent wider distribution created strong interest, attracting new customers.

Not bad at all, if I can say so myself!

Close collaboration and constant communication with Polypro lead us to achieve exactly the results we wanted.

For this and for the results achieved, ⁣⁣I’ve recommended Polypro displays to many entrepreneurs and I surely will keep doing so”.

Marco Hüller

POS Marketing & Merchandising  - Würth Italia

These displays/salespeople are the backbone of the “More Sales with no Hassle” system, specifically aimed at companies that not only want to boost their retail sales but also want to reduce costs and avoid annoyances. 

Are you asking yourself how extraordinary these displays can really be? Maybe they are just like some “top salespeople”, good with words, but then…?

Well, the only way to be truly certain is to see them in practice.

Test out
the selling skills
of Polypro cyborgsellers!
If you want to turn your retailer shops into the stronghold of your sales, without risking wasting time and money, then you need to be really sure you know what they are made of.
For this reason, you can hire one and test it thouroghly: from the ability to attract and sell to new customers, to its resistance to work, even the harshest. 

And the good news is that you can do it without any obligation neither for you nor your company.

But at one condition that I will soon tell you.

Here's how it works.

I present to you the 4 candidates ready for the challenge: Mary, Paul, Sandra and Fred.

4 models stand at your disposal,  each one with its individual characteristics, and you can choose the one that better fulfills your sales ambitions.

Choose your model.

Click on the button below to go to the page where you can select your new seller.

You will receive it within a few days directly in your office.

Discover the ease of assembly.

As you’ll see, everything fits into a small cardboard box and as soon as it’s assembled (it takes just a few minutes) you can start testing it out as much as you want.

Begin testing.

Fill it out with your products, show it to colleagues and hear out what they think of it. 

If you’re already using displays put the two besides each other and decide which of the two works the right effect and what would consumers think of your products should they see them on it.

In short, put it under stress in any possible way.

At this point there are two possibilities:

  • You don’t like the display or it’s just not for you.

No problem. You can keep the display and do with it whatever you want. I’d like anyway to hear your feedback, no matter what it might be. It would help me make my displays better and I would be really grateful for that.

  • You like the display, it works great and maybe you’d want to have one tailored around your products.
In this case, if you want to start with the development of your new tailored clone, call your Polypro Display Specialist.

You’ll get all the necessary information to decide if and how to proceed with the creation of your new army of unbreakable silent sellers.

!! But wait... there's another option !!

It is reserved exclusively to those who really want to immediately start showcasing their products professionally, while leaving annoying competitors behind.

You can benefit from the “15-More” bonus.

This means that, if once you've got your new sample-sellers, should you want to recruit new clones, you'll get 15% more soldiers for your new army.

To give you an example, if you want 100, you’ll get 115; if 200 then 230 and so on.

But watch out, you have only 30 days to take advantage of this bonus.

So, to sum everything up, you basically have three options:

1) Do nothing and leave your products (and your revenue) completely in the hands of retailers…

2) Gearing up, waiting for the right moment to crowd out the competition and boost your sales.

3) Take up on this offer, rid yourself of competitors at once and boost your retail sales right now.
And now, let's choose your ideal candidate!
Go to the presentation page and find out every detail and trait of each candidate.
You'll discover their main skills and how they can help you turn the distribution of your products from a daily hassle into a thriving delight for your revenue.

Sell & Succeed.

(To go forward with the selection, we will ask you some info about your company.)

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