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My name is Mary.

I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person, and I am very communicative (my zodiac sign is Gemini...) and I decided to use these gifts to make my great customers as happy as possible.

My secret is to make sure all shoppers, even the most experienced armed with a shopping list (I know, there still are!), go about shopping without forgetting anything.

How do I do this?
Well, it's rather simple: I let them find everything they need right where and when they need it.

My name is Paul.

I am a veteran, and my favourite hobby is body-building. Keeping myself strong and healthy is what's most important to me. And never cave in!

Also, I like to appear solid and reliable on the job, but muscles alone won't cut it: you need courtesy and professionality.

I get often asked what I think about flimsy colleagues and crumble down at the first gust of wind.
I think they'd better change line of work, and this is not for them. And I think they should stop "stealing" the pay.

I know, I have a terrible temper, but I only care about concrete results!

my name is Sandra.

As a kid, I loved to play with dolls. I used to have fun putting make upon them in hundreds of different ways and discover new combinations of shapes and colours.

Driven by this passion for aesthetic and beauty, I always worked in shops attended by customers who seek the latest and critical images.

These days the most demanding and refined customers highly value my suggestions, and my natural ability to sync in with their personal taste has made me a successful saleswoman.

Hi all,
my name is Alfredo, but everyone just calls me Fred.

I grew up in a family of lumberjacks, where I learned the values of a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

I am a simple guy, and sometimes I like to stir things up a bit.

For example, I know my customers buy natural products, but I say you don't need to cut down trees and forests to do my job.

Don't let appearances fool you, and mine is just a clever disguise: not a single blade of grass had to be cut to emphasise the naturalness of the products I endorse.

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